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Welcome to my TORG website. Below are a few things I thought might interest fellow TORG afficianados.

The site has been in the process of creation for several years, but I still periodically update it. So if something isn't there the first time you check it out, assume it's "under construction." Send any comments here (works again 10/2011). If you have something you would like to contribute to the greater good of TORG-dom, let me know as well.

Below you will find links to various things I've come up with or compiled, including some some crunchy bits submitted or posted by others. Stuff that was created by other people should be so identified. If I've missed anything please let me know!

History and Background

I was one of the original players in Kansas Jim's first TORG campaign, along with Dave Oakes, Stephen Smoogen, Dennis Reda, Ron Umpleby, and Frank Galle. My first character was Rogier "Roj" O'Malley, Realm Runner extrordinaire, and one of the O'Malley clan. My fellow PCs were Larri (Dave), Tom Stark (Dennis), Josh Raymond (Ron), and Father O'Malley (Smooge). Frank played an unfortunate National Hero who was killed in an early scene of the first game. The National Hero was quickly replaced by Toshi, a Contract Ninja. Ah, the good ol' days!

In later campaigns I also played Mahound, a Nilish Dark Avenger type, Watanabe Yoshimitsu (Yoshi), a Nippon Tech Adventurous Scholar, a brief stint as a Reluctant Horror ala Louis the Vampire, a few other odd characters, and finally a former Nilish Mystery Man transformed into a Tharkold Cyborg.


TORG Forum: At one point, we were negotiating to create a TORG forum where the revised rules for Torg written by Kansas Jim himself could be unveiled and discussed. Alas, this did not pan out. Maybe sometime down the road.

Dateline ABQ, October 17, 2001: Back on the webring!

Update: [March, 2003] Nothing to update, really. Added a link to a PBEM game. I've not kept up on my promised updates to the template conversions--got distracted by D&D 3E.

Hot News! [November, 2003] West End Games (and Torg) has a new owner--Purgatory Publishing. Below is the official press release as posted by Eric Gibson to the Torg mailing list:

Honesdale, PA - November 14, 2003 - Humanoids is pleased to announce that the long rumored sale of West End Games imprint is complete. The sale means that new life can be breathed into a company that has been, for so long, existing at a minimal level. The transaction transfers West End Games trademarks and intellectual properties from Humanoids Inc. to Eric J. Gibson and the still forming Purgatory Publishing Inc.

West End Games, formed in 1974 and best known for publishing highly cinematic role playing games like Star Wars D6, Paranoia, DC Universe, and Torg, has produced over 350 roleplaying game and related products to date.

With the purchase of West End Games, Purgatory Publishing adds game production to its business strategy, a strategy that already includes the publication of fiction novels.

"No time will be wasted in putting new West End Games products on the shelf," says Mr. Gibson. "Plans include the printing of the extremely popular D6 System, the continued development of Torg 2.0, and the acquisition on new licenses. The future looks bright."

For more information about West End Games and its lines, visit www.westendgames.com. Questions concerning this transaction may be directed to Mr. Gibson at hellsreach@lycos.com.

Good luck, Eric.

Update: [October, 2011] So...I guess that didn't work out too well...In the meantime, I haven't done much with Torg, although Smooge ad I started work on a Star Wars conversion to Torg. So far platesters have given a very positive response.


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